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Photoshop Kaleidoscopes
A Voyage of Playful Discovery

Abstract photography is known to be non-objective, experimental and conceptual. This really appeals to me as it takes creative imagination and concept to be able to capture subjects in an abstract way. You are only limited by your vision and ideas. This also helps develop and change my usual perspective of the subject, which is a great way for a photographer to think; open minded and free to interpretations. One particular approach to abstract photography is through the creation of kaleidoscopes. I find the symmetry, colours and creative elements both very visually appealing and intriguing. These Kaleidoscope images were great fun to create, I never had a set goal in mind when creating them which was very freeing and I enjoyed letting my creative mind just run wild! To learn more about how I created these Kaleidoscopes using Photoshop, check out my blog titled "Photoshop Kaleidoscopes – A Voyage of Playful Discovery".




 Tree Symmetry 

Butterfly A-1.jpg


Scene 1.jpg


Firework A-2.2.jpg

 Fire Flower 1 

Firework B-4.jpg

 Fire Flower 2 

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