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About charlotte


Hello and welcome!


My name is Charlotte Alice Chapple and I am the person behind the Chalice Media name.

The way in which photographs and videos combine the perceptive eye and mind of the artist with the raw reality of the subject has fascinated me for a number of years now and my enthusiasm for capturing the moment and atmosphere of a scene and the creative process is ever growing. The recorded image transcends language barriers and can be recognised and understood on an international level, bringing a more visual form of communication to the world.

Education and Qualifications 

First Class BA (hons) Photography and Video attained at De Montfort University.

CAA A2 Certificate of Competence obtained through AV8 flight school group. 


I am inspired by professionals in the industry, such as Gordon Buchanan, Sue Gibson, Sophie Darlington, Steve Bloom and Marina Cano. I also find myself inspired by TV shows such as Big Cats, Planet Earth, Animal Camera and Spring Watch. 


My aspiration is to become a wildlife and natural history filmmaker and photographer, with a focus on conservation and preservation. I aim to travel the world photographing and filming a variety of nature and wildlife.

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