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Together Alone Exhibition
"Never Linear"

For this group exhibition based on the theme of mental health, my work is focused on the often long and winding road to recovery. Societies view on the recovery process for mental health is important to me, and through her work, I aimed to deconstruct the notion that recovering from mental health is a linear, straightforward process. Through my images, I depicted the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of recovery and how one may often face setbacks that can be extraordinarily painful and crushing. When on the road to recovery, many might find themselves in a spiral of ‘well I’ve tried so hard and nothing is working so there is no point in trying anymore’. It can be very easy to slip into these spiralling thoughts and it very hard to get out of it again. In this case, I aimed to show how hitting a bump or curve in the road doesn’t mean that everything is hopeless and it certainly doesn’t mean that all of the previous hard work is for nothing. The photographic work encapsulates how every step, forward, backward or even sideways, should never be shunned and how keeping one's mood stable for a while and pushing through the hard days and hours are achievements in their own right.

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