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  • Charlotte Chapple

Bring me that Horizon

I think it is safe to say that summer 2019 is officially over. The weather has taken a dreary turn, and more often than not the grey clouds are threatening rain. I have recently returned to university for the start of the second year of my Photography and Video course at De Montfort University, having successfully completed the first year, achieving a 1st.

Throughout the summer, I had the chance to visit many great exhibitions, read some very informative and intriguing photography and film books, and develop my own work through various means, even getting my first ever commission! And of course, I took you, my readers, along every step with me. As I am now back at University and will be focusing heavily on my studies I will be unable to update my blog as regularly as before. Fear not, however, as I have every intention of continuing to post updates from behind the scenes of work for my university course, reviews on any photography or video books that I find very intriguing and any other developments or experiences that relate to my practice.

I can’t deny I am a bit apprehensive about starting my second year studies, but equally I am very excited to get back into the flow and look forward to facing new challenges that I will aim to overcome in the hope of developing my skills and technique as a photographer and my understanding of my field of work. I aim to push my horizons even further and continue to stride towards my goals. No doubt I will face trials and tribulations, but every road has its twists and turns, and as many people have said, “Its not about the destination, its about the journey.” I for one, am looking forward to the rest of my photography journey and plan on sharing my experience with you. And as always, I promise myself to stick to my life motto ‘If not now, when?’

As Captain Jack Sparrow so perfectly said “Now… bring me that horizon.”

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