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  • Charlotte Chapple

Crazy (big) Cat Lady: A Day Trip Too The Zoo.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I love visiting Chester Zoo.

I think it is safe to say summer wouldn’t be complete without one of my favourite day trips. There are so many gorgeous places to visit, yet Chester Zoo remains one of my top picks. On the Saturday before the visit I recall mum asking “So...what shall we do tomorrow?” to which my immediate reply was “Chester Zoo!!” and as family tradition goes “photo competition” said my dad, and mum agreed saying “I'll just do the picnic then!!” So of we set, the sun was shining, picnic packed and ready, and cameras (Nikon VS Canon) at the ready.

I can safely say taking photos of all the animals at the zoo is one of my favourite pastimes, but my true passion lies with the big cats. Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Cheetahs, the zoo has so many of my favourites! On many of my previous visits to the zoo I have been able to get some great shots of almost all of them… but regrettably rarely ever say the Jaguars. Catching glimpse of their beautiful coats through the shrubs seemed as close as I was ever going to get, but on this day my luck changed! I saw a large crowd gathering around the enclosure and that is always a good sign. Battling my way to the front of the crowd was a bit of a challenge but boy was it worth it! The Jaguars had just been fed and the black Jaguar had dragged his carcass of behind some shrubs in the outside enclosure but the other was demolishing his right in front of the glass of the indoor enclosure.

After staying to photograph the Jaguar in the indoor enclosure, I began to walk off to catch up to my parents past the outdoor enclosure, spotting the black Jaguar hidden away. As my parents wandered off to find some warm drinks, I stayed behind to try and catch a good shot of the jaguar. And my patience payed off! After what felt like hours of waiting, from amongst the shrubs, the beautiful big cat emerged, walking in front of the gathered crowd to the indoor enclosure. I was so in awe of finally seeing him that I nearly forgot to take photos, but managed to grab a few just before he disappeared to the indoor enclosure.

Skipping of to meet my parents, I was so overjoyed at finally seeing the Jaguars I giddily showed them the photos I’d taken of the Jaguars and realised that I was having a fangirl moment I was so happy! And that happiness carried through the rest of the day, continuing to get photos of all the big cats and enjoying watching them all sunbathe in the sun or finish of their lunch time meals. I spent so much time taking photos of all the animals and thoroughly enjoyed my time, not noticing that the day past quickly, as all the best do. And as mum so rightfully put it on the way home, I am a bit of a crazy big cat lady!

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