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  • Charlotte Chapple

Hello, World

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

“hello, world”

A “Hello, World” programme is a very simple computer programme that outputs “Hello, World” so it seemed a pretty nifty way to open my first ever blog.

Right then. Where to start?

The way in which photographs combine the perceptive eye and mind of the artist with the raw reality of the subject has fascinated me for a number of years now and my enthusiasm for capturing the moment and atmosphere of a scene and the creative process, has led me to become a very keen photographer. The recorded image transcends language barriers and can be recognised and understood on an international level, bringing a more visual form of communication to the world. I have always had a sincere yearning to capture moments in time so I could look back at those moments in my life that I hold dear.

I was born in Yorkshire and raised in North Wales, my interest in photography started at 15 when I began to enter local photography competitions. The majority of my work was based around the genres of wildlife and landscapes as I found myself inspired by the nature surrounding me when on long walks in the countryside. I am also inspired by professionals in the industry, such as Gordon Buchanan, Sue Gibson, Sophie Darlington and Steve Bloom. I often watch TV shows such as Big Cats, Planet Earth, Animal Camera and Spring Watch and my aspiration is to become a wildlife and natural history filmmaker and photographer. Ultimately, I want to work with professional companies such as the BBC, ITV and Sky and aim to travel the world photographing and filming a variety of nature and wildlife.

Through recent years, I have been able to experiment and develop skills with both the still and moving image, as well as explore a variety of photographic genres both collaboratively and individually. I recently moved to Leicester from the familiarity of rural North Wales to study at De Montfort University and am developing my photographic practice through my course and through this blog I plan on sharing my journey with you.

As Elliot Erwitt said “photography is an art or observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the way that I see and interpret the world through photography and video.

Welcome to my world!

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