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  • Charlotte Chapple

It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I left off just before the start of my second year university course that I have now finished and am on summer break before the start of my final third year.

We are living in some strange times right now and whilst it has been great being able to relax during the quarantine, I’ve been itching to be creative during this time and have taken the opportunity to restart my blog. Whilst my travel opportunities are rather limited during lockdown I hope that I can visit some local exhibitions and maybe some further a field once lockdown eases. Similarly to last summer, I plan to share all my photography and video adventures with you here on this blog including reading some informative and intriguing photography and film books and magazines I have started to collect, and develop my own work through various means.

In the lead up to my third year I also will start a preliminary investigation into the subject and possible project I want to complete in my final year. During the following months I will create my own experimental portfolio of work that explores my ideas and plans and I will share with you developments or experiences that relate to my practice.

I’m definitely not short of things to write about, nor the time to write these blogs and I plan on sharing the adventures I take, with you.

So, keep and eye on this space.

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